Culinary delights

    at Hotel Continental are
    a guilt-free indulgence

    From the chef’s storybook

    Wholesome indulgence appreciates tradition and invites innovation

    It has been my privilege to lead the kitchen at Hotel Continental and delight countless guests every year with the creations that have been developed with my team. Here in Val Gardena, we have managed to create recipes that are unique and hard to beat in their simplicity and taste. This has been a result of a history of scarce resources provided by nature and hard work and ingredients which didn’t come easily, but made up for the sacrifices in flavour. These ingredients and the underlying philosophy of the people in our valley are what our cuisine is based on.

    We take these traditional recipes and re-invent them, combine them with elements from all corners of the world, while making sure not to lose their historical and culinary value. This is how we create unexpected culinary experiences.

    I am proud to work with a team that fully supports me and contributes with their own ideas. Together, we work hard to enthuse the guests at Hotel Continental with our culinary delights. A task that has become more and more challenging over the years, but which we feel we have always mastered. Visit us at Hotel Continental and try out our indulgent cuisine from Val Gardena.

    Innovation from our kitchen at Hotel Continental

    “Intensive flavours and healthy food go hand in hand”

    Nutritionist Dr. Ivonne Daurù Malsiner lives and works by these words. Together with our head chef Marco Insam, she has recently revamped our menu by refining some of our tried and trusted recipes and enhanced Marco’s creative ideas with her knowledge on nutritional value. The result can be seen in our new and innovative menu allowing our guests to enjoy new flavours and a guilt-free dining experience. We started our quest for a lighter and healthier menu a while ago. Now, with the input of Dr. Ivonne Daurù Malsiner, we feel that we have accomplished our goal.


    Why are natural flavours, quality and regional food so important for us?

    There is nothing that tastes better than freshly harvested fruit and vegetables from the garden, meat from sustainable and responsible farming and produce like cheese, speck and charcuterie from traditional and artisan production. This is why we work together with local farmers and producers and are able to guarantee top quality, freshness and provenance. At first glance, you can see that our salads and seasonal fruit have not travelled far and it becomes clear from the first bite that our breakfast eggs come from happy chickens and our cheese from traditional dairies. Visit us and let us indulge you with our flavoursome and fresh cuisine.

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