A wellness area

    does not have to be big
    to offer complete relaxation.
    See for yourself at Hotel Continental

    Rest & Relaxation

    Leave daily stress behind and feel light and carefree in the wellness area at Hotel Continental

    Allow yourself some time for special moments. Moments just for yourself and your wellbeing in an atmosphere characterised by attentiveness and care for the wellbeing of each individual guest.

    This atmosphere is cultivated throughout the entire hotel and culminates in the Wellness-Centre. Come in and let yourself be carried away into another world by a breeze of appealing scents. It’s a world where nothing else matters apart from your wellbeing.

    Live for the moment. Forget your thoughts and feel how energy flows through your body.


    Water and air: a sultry combination for deep relaxation

    Two elements, one combination: Our whirlpool is an oasis for relaxation. The pleasantly warm water surrounds your body and allows it to relax completely, while powerful air blows, delicately massaging your muscles as you are floating in the water.

    You feel the tension leaving your body and making room for the blissful feeling of warmth and rest. It’s a wonderful feeling! 90% of your body weight is carried by the water, which allows your joints and spine to float weightlessly. The targeted water jet releases muscular tensions and increases circulation in your skin. Your bath in the whirlpool benefits your connective tissue too.

    The massage encourages your metabolism and your circulation, maintaining elasticity in your connective tissue, skin and veins. Don’t overdo it! 20 minutes are plenty. After that, your body needs a break. A bath in the whirlpool is no mean feat for the body.

    Sauna world

    Finnish sauna, bio sauna or steam bath: a treat for body, spirit and soul

    Treat yourself to a moment of tranquillity, take a breath and enjoy our sauna world consisting of a Finnish sauna, a bio sauna, a steam bath and a diverse shower world. Already thousands of years ago people knew of the health benefits saunas provide. Especially for people living hectic lives, a visit to the sauna provides relief from long-lasting physical pains and helps to let go of mental stress.

    Visit our saunas, let the soothing aromas in the shower world carry you away and free you from the stress of daily life. You will love it!

    Swimming & relaxing

    with a panoramic view
    in the new
    sky wellness area

    That's what will be waiting for you at Hotel Continental from December 2023. A brand new sky infinity pool, a non-nude sauna and a relaxation room with a great view of the Dolomites are being installed on the roof for the hotel. Here you can relax with the whole family, while the existing wellness area will now be a new adults-only wellness center.


    A preview of all the new building amenities can be found here.

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